Longtime friend of Manson, enters the band in December 1993

Leaves the band in May 2002

- Pseudonym origin

Twiggy - Model of the 60's

Richard Ramirez (alias: Nightstalker) - Accused of several deaths

- Name

Jeordie Francis White

- Date and place of birth

June, 20 1971 - New Jersey - Florida

- Religion


- Hair color Twiggy Close Up

Black with multicolor extensions and wigs

- Natural hair color


- Favorites

Whiskey and speed, Red Kool-Aid, schoolgirl dresses, lunchboxes, socks, spaghetti-o's, early BeeGees, peanut butter, sandwiches, interviews, Scooby Doo and Jack Daniels.

- Favorite Smell

Young teenagers

- Favorite piece of clothing

His socks

- Current address

Fort Lauderdale, FL

- ParentsLittle doll

His mother used to cage dance in Mountain and Kinks concerts back in the 70's. Claims his father went crazy after a car crash and disappeared when Jeordie was only 6 years old.

- Main instrument


- Secondary instrument


- Musical knowledge

Guitar, Bass, Violin

- Previous bands

Amboog-A-Lard; Dr Hook and the Medicine Show

- How he met Marilyn Manson

In a mall (started afformentioned fake christian-death metal groups)

- Favorite Dr. Suess bookTwiggy

Cat In The Hat

- Favorite pastimes

Says all mags his habit of collecting video games and fans donate some to him in concerts, and he wears schoolgirl dresses in most of the shows; used to collect human bones (he had a large bag of them under his bed when he was in New Orleans).

- Likes

Kindness and originality

- Hates

People who claim to have total control over their lives

- Prefered Death

Drug overdose

- If he wasn't in a band

He would be protituting or selling drugs

- Got upset when

Trent Reznor sent some male strippers to the studio while recording Smells Like Children to help create a certain "vibe".

- Always had

Long hair (he was suspended in fourth grade for exposing his parts to prove he was a boy, despite his long hair.

- Doesn't have

Piercings or Tattos (he believes he is too "scattered" to ge something that permanent).