Starts as bassist and co-producer for 2002 Marilyn Manson album when Twiggy Ramirez leaves

- Name

Tim Skold

- Place of Birth


- Current Adress

Los Angeles - USA

- Hair color


- Main instrument


- Other instruments / skills

Guitar, vocals, programming

- Previous bands

Kingpin, Shotgun Messiah, Skold, KMFD(M)DFMK

- Current Projects


- Likes:

Coffee, absinthe, barcode shirts, more barcode shirts, hair experimentation, nipple rubbing,rockin' tha geetar

- Dislikes:

People who put their gothic nail polish on straight

- Interesting Facts:

Once upon a time, there was a Swede with sexy nipples who was the bass player in a hair band called Kingpin. Tim-Tim was his name, looking mighty fruity was his game. Like all Swedish hair bands, Kingpin changed their name and moved to the United States in the 1980's. Shotgun Messiah was the new name, but they still sounded the same! And boy, this rhyming is lame! Anyway, Tim took over vocal duties on Shotgun Messiah's "Second Coming" (the second album. Get it? har har), and ended up completely re-shaping the band into a somewhat Industrial act for their final record, "Violent New Breed". Tim went solo after that and released his 1996 project, SKOLD, which attracted the attention of Sascha Konietzko. Tim then went on to contribute to to KMFDM's "final" two albums, as well as MDFMK. Tim has finished his contributions to ATTAK and is now co-producing Marylin Manson's next record. He is also working on a new solo project which may not be finished for a very long time. (source: http://macht.thermalnoise.net)