Enters the band in 1990

He is still in the band

- Pseudonym origin

Madonna - Singer and actress

John Wayne Gacy - Party animator known as Pogo The Clown; murdered 33 kids

- Name

Stephen Gregory Bier

- Date and place of birth

Fort Lauderdale - Florida

- Hair color

Dyed blond

- Natural hair color

Reddish brown Pogo In Concert

- Current address

Fort Lauderdale, FL

- Main instrument


- Secondary instrument

Sax, brass

- College Major

Computer Engineering

- Other

Audio digital computer programmig - Nickname: Pogo

- Favorite Bands

Black Sabbath, Ramones, Big Black, Butthole Surfers

- Favorite Books

Beyond Good And Evil, Science And The Modern World, Buried Dreams

- Favorite Films

Life Of Brian, Wild At Heart, Full Metal Jacket, Herbie Goes To Monte Carlo

- Favorite Toys

Julie Blandford, shovel and pick, army men

- Favorite necklace

Chicken foot