Enters the Spooky Kids in 1990

Exits Marilyn Manson in December 1993

- Pseudonym origin

Gidget - Heroine of a Movie/TV serial of the 60's

Ed Gein - Cannibal

- Name

Brad Stewart

- Main instrument


- Favorite Bands

Dead Boys, Another Bad Creation, Slayer

- Favorite Books

The Basketball Diaries, Deviant, Charlie and The Great Glass Elevator

- Favorite Films

Blue Velvet, Liquid Sky, Willy Wonks, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2

- Favorite Toys

Green Lantern Doll, Flaming Carrot action figure, Pocket happy snatch

- Other

In December 1995, Gidget filed a complaint against Manson for alleged non-payment of royalties stemming from the band's Portrait Of An American Family album. He also cited breach of contract and fiduciary duties in his complaint.